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A Dash Of Floo Powder: Creating A Cozy Harry Potter-Themed Living Room

Have you always wanted to lounge by the common room fire in Gryffindor tower? Well, now you can. With these 6 amazing new collaborations, you can bring the magic home. Go grab your Gryffindor Robe blanket and snuggle up. The days are getting colder and, who knows, you might just get a visitor traveling via the floo system!

Create A Cozy Harry Potter-Themed Living Room

Map Out Your Snacks

We solemnly swear that… we’re feeling hungry. With this Marauder’s Map Serving Tray, part of the new Pottery Barn Harry Potter collection, you’ll find your way to the best snacks. Pair this tray with their spell-trimmed plates and house logo coasters for all of your fireside snacking needs.

Get To The Great Hall

Snacks are great and all, but sometimes you need a full meal in the Great Hall. To conjure up that effect, you’ll definitely need these floating candles to hover between the bowls of treacle and self-serving roasts. You’ll also want some Hogwarts crest mugs of tumblers, also from the Pottery Barn line, to fill with delicious butterbeer.

Light A Floo Fire

Part of what makes Harry Potter’s floo system so magical is the fact that, with a little bit of powder, the fire changes color and allows you to safely go spinning through space, right into the fireplaces of your friends, family, and favorite shops. While no fireplace we’ve found can even closely replicate these conditions, you can mix up your fireplace style a little to create a more magical look. Among the different fireplace styles, electric fireplaces allow you to set different fire colors and formats that can make your space a bit more whimsical.

Get Homey With Hufflepuff

Okay, we know – not everyone is a Gryffindor. That doesn’t mean you’re not looking for magical home décor options. For a Hufflepuff inspired space, an ideal option would be to fill the space with plants and opt for a brighter color scheme. While Harry and Hermione may tend toward a broodier space, though not Slytherin levels of dark, Hufflepuffs are definitely inclined toward a softer, cozier look. You’ll definitely want to snuggle this snuffling badger pillow.

Study Up With Ravenclaw

Even the Harry Potter world isn’t all fun and games all the time. Sometimes it’s time to get serious and study. Hit the books with studious Ravenclaws while surrounded by this Hogwarts library wallpaper from MinaLima’s, a wizarding shop in the UK. Just make sure that you have enough light. Those floating candles may not be enough, but the Lumos lamp, also from the Pottery Barn collection, is perfect for polishing up on your charms.

Don’t Forget Your Furry Friends

While Hogwarts may limit the acceptable range of creature companions to cat, owl, or toad, we don’t want to leave out any of our furry friends. Make sure they can participate in the wizarding world with an “Aguamenti” water bowl from Etsy. You’ll have to fill it up at the sink, but a touch of magic is always better than being confined to the Muggle world.

The first Harry Potter books may be decades old now, but their popularity has scarcely declined – and the original fans are old enough to be homeowners now. That means, instead of running into walls to access Platform 9-3/4, you can just walk through the front door and into a magical world of your own making.

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