Crimson: Steam Pirates an iOS game done right!

What happens when you take the creator of the Mechwarrior, Shadowrun and Crimson Skies series and put him at the helm of a new pirate game for the iOS? Crimson: Steam Pirates is the collaborative work of Jordan Weisman (our Mechwarrior guy) and Bungie Aerospace, which is Bungie’s own platform to help developers create games and launch them in mobile and social platforms. So we’re bringing together the guy who created Mechwarrior with the team that conceived the Halo Universe — and after months of shack work, Crimson: Steam Pirates is born.

Forget the “YARR!” and “AHOY MATEY!” dialogue. Steam Pirates is set in a steam punk universe where pirates man the helm of what looks like ironclads with riverboat wheels. From destroying coastal fortresses to shop for a dress for your first mate to capturing enemy ships to add to your fleet, Crimson: Steam Pirates

The game is reminiscent of the old Astraware classic, Tradewinds, a turn based strategy game of maritime warfare but this new title adds an epic storyline, ships with special abilities and boarding parties.

Before each scenario, you’re given a list of objectives to accomplish. Whether it’s to plow through enemy ships, capture a prized vessel or destroy a fort, the game mechanics are the same: before a turn starts, you will need to plot the course of your vessels before hitting “Play.” After which, all actions are carried out including your ship’s movement, special abilities activated and also the movement of enemy ships. Since the turn takes place simultaneously, you will have to guess where the enemy’s forces may end up based on the map objectives and special abilities. Combat is automatic — cannons are fired as long as an enemy ship is within the vicinity of your weapon’s reach.

In missions where you’re required to board an enemy ship, you will need to win 3 skirmishes done through a mini card game. Your crew leaders are defined by playable cards with special abilities that affect the ship (double range of guns, faster movement, etc). But in deck combat, each crew member has an attack and defense rating which they need to use to overpower the enemy crew. Win 3 skirmishes and you gain control of the vessel.

Crimson: Steam Pirates is, amazingly, free. For the initial chapter of course. Future episodes being developed will have in-app purchases available.

Crimson: Steam Pirates for iOS [DOWNLOAD NOW — opens iTunes Link]

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