Cryptocurrencies And The World Of Online Gaming

The gaming industry is just one of the many industries where the Internet has revolutionized. The game is no longer limited to the elite of premium clubs; it is an operation that everyone can do on the phone in their comfortable home. Today, with increasing cryptocurrency payments, games are in another transition.

How to ‘make’ your own bitcoin by playing

The applications of blockchain technology are becoming broader, and have transcended the financial sector to reach others such as entertainment. For example, there are more and more video games that either use this technology as inspiration (such as Block-Chain, by Studio Aubergine) or rely directly on it. Some even allow you to earn real virtual currency.

There is a lot of hybridization within the world of video game programming; the world of software development related to this industry is closely linked to that of software development for blockchain.

We believe that more than a trend it is a new line that is going to work a lot. On a functional level, the video game is a way to emulate a world that does not exist in the physical world. Starting to add value to virtual currency video game broadcasts or start exploring information exchange between many players who are located anywhere in the world has a similarity link with blockchain. The world of video games has broken many barriers and one of them is geographic borders.

Security and confidentiality

The Bitcoin, the most popular and famous of all criptomonedas, was born on October 31, 2008, in a document distributed among a group of ciberactivistas by low known entity the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamato (person or group of persons whose true identity remains a mystery).

This virtual currency implements the blockchain or blockchain technology, based on the idea of decentralizing money, allowing users to carry out economic transactions without the use of an intermediary. In this way, this open source is regulated without the need for a centralizing entity or government. In addition to enabling the anonymous exchange of digital assets, this digital trust system leads to faster transaction times and minimal costs for users.

The online gaming sector has been one of the first to adopt cryptocurrencies, as online casinos have always embraced the latest technological innovations.  Today, more than 45% of cryptocurrency transactions are made through online casinos and bookmakers.

Its secure and confidential nature are two key aspects that have catapulted this type of payment to online gaming platforms, although cryptocurrencies allow players to enjoy their favorite modalities in complete security by not providing their personal or financial information to the operator of the game. Thus, users should pay attention to the payment options available on the gaming platforms before choosing a site to play for real money. Use crypto trader to make money.

Cryptocurrencies have great potential for the online gaming industry. In fact, the two seem to be a perfect match especially considering that online gamers are naturally more open to adopting the latest technological innovations.

After you created your wallet for free, you now need to buy bitcoin to live your account (and your account now is free e-wallet).

Bitcoin can be obtained in one of the following ways:

Purchased directly from a specialized site such as iforex or spectrocoin, they provide the service of trading in virtual currencies. Purchased from any source or person that offers them for sale, and this is always done online. Acquiring it by extraction or the so-called mining is a method that has now become very expensive because it requires very sophisticated and expensive computers.

Buy bitcoin with popular payment methods

You can also buy this cryptocurrency by Visa, MasterCard, or others through the following websites:

  • CIX is one of the leading websites in the field of buying and selling virtual currencies online.
  • Fairux offers Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, and PayPal payments.
  • Local Bitcoin provides dealings through Visa, Skrill, and bank transfers.
  • Coinmama allows dealing with MasterCard, Visa, and Western Union.
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