Cryptocurrency And Video Games: Beginning Of The New Era

Cryptocurrencies have slowly and steadily climbed the ladder of success. It is being used immensely as a form of trading, thanks to its volatile nature; it has made fortune for so many people. You will be amazed to know that cryptocurrency is now not just limited to trading but it has also entered the fiction and entertainment work of video games.

However, to be honest, it is no shocker that the cryptocurrency has slowly made it’s way to the gaming world. Yes, you heard it right! Many of the renowned video games like Call of duty and Fortnite players have been shedding huge amounts of cash, like an average of 85 dollars for playing battle royale behemoth, with enticing. Well, I can understand that enquiring new skin, weapons and shouts can make the game more interesting and thrilling.

 It is a game that you can play free forever, for records. It is helping the creators of Fornite game earn a huge amount of profit, through


Of course, this is a huge opportunity for game developers to end their dependency on the traditional transaction medium like card-based online transactions. These game developers can create their virtual currencies, which can be in turn used by the player to purchase the game. At the end of the day, creating their cryptocurrencies for the game can be hugely beneficial for the developers as it will give them an extended control over the game. Apart from that, it will also end the oddity of regional pricing, with everything being measured in the game’s currency.

Not just that, it even opens new doors for the players, where they have the opportunity to earn some actual currencies that you can spend on luxuries. 

There is a huge opportunity for game developers creating their virtual currency. They can start tokenizing their game asset, by connecting them to the blockchain and giving them a form of existence in the real world outside. Say for example, that you have decided to get a new dress for your online game; it means that you own it for the record of the game servers.

You can understand that the developer will have full control over the gaming situations and will be able to even control the players. Like, say, for example, if the developer of the game decides for whatever reason that you should not have it anymore, then it is very easy for him/her to take it away from you. It is a calk walk.


Sooner or later, for sure, the transferring of currencies will become transferring of items. It will soon lead to the developer managing a tiny economy in their hands. However, for these dreams to come to reality, cryptocurrencies need to overcome some of the obvious flaws that it is going through with, ever since it’s creation. 

Confirmation for the transaction time takes a little longer than average 10 minutes but sometimes it can also go up to many hours in case of cryptocurrency. So, it will become tough for the players to get on board with the new system that is much slower than the older one.

In the end, I would like to say that the cryptocurrency and gaming coming together sounds very tempting and appealing. However, still, there is some time as far as video gaming and cryptocurrency coming together are concerned, because there is a lot of go and a lot of hurdles to cross before you can finally see cryptocurrency and video game coming together.

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