Crysis Sells One Million Copies

Frankly, I’m genuinely surprised that Crysis has managed to reach this landmark with the sci-fi shooter.  Don’t get me wrong, Crysis is a good game – in fact I went on to play it quite extensively and complete it – but without an extremely powerful PC the best you’ll get with it is, well, average.

Crysis was developed by Germany’s Crytek, the company responsible for Far Cry – a decent first person shooter with an excellent editor system.  Crysis is really an extension of the former game, with a similar setting (jungle style areas), some physics and interesting powers.

Where Crysis and Far Cry diverge is through two issues really.  First, the powers are delivered in different ways.  In Crysis, you’re in a powered nano-suit, able to lift heavy objects, run fast and even use a Predator style suit to hunt down your enemies.  Far Cry doesn’t really give you much, but the games that followed (such as Instincts) offer super strength etc through genetic changes.  You can see where the evolution happened.

The really big issue with Crysis is the sort of machine you’ll need to run it.  It ran on my laptop – however that’s no great surprise given how powerful it is.  Most machines though will not be too happy running it with less than 2gig of ram, a decent hard drive and of course the obligatory 256meg graphics card (or two running SLI).

The sheer weight of the system requirements is something, but the visuals you’ll see when running it on a machine that can handle it are simply jaw dropping.  You’ll gape in amazement, you really will.  If your system can run it, I’d recommend joining those million and making it your next gaming purchase – it is just a little bit special.

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