Cunning Windows 7 advert makes users think they invented the features

By andy

Have you seen any ads for Windows 7 yet?

I don’t know what they look like where you are, but in Britain, Microsoft’s TV ads extend the “I’m a PC” mantra and now suggest that it’s the users who told Microsoft how to design Windows 7.

“It was my idea”.

Nice tactic, Microsoft.

You see, while Windows 7 is a heck of a lot better than Vista, which we all blamed Microsoft for, when it goes wrong (and it will go wrong), Microsoft can turn around and say “ahhh, but it’s based on your design. It’s your fault”.

OK, that won’t really happen, but when the average user is tearing their hair out because that nifty new taskbar or window snapping isn’t behaving quite right, there may just be a little voice at the back of their head saying “it’s your fault.”

And I’ll add “You should’ve installed Linux”.

“Or bought a Mac”.

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