Cupcakes of Catan

Ever heard of the German board game Settlers of Catan? You know, the game that Wired called the “Monopoly killer,” aka the most perfect board game of all time?

It’s a fiendishly clever, deceptively simple game based around the idea of trading natural resources. Hexagonal cardboard tiles are used instead of one set board, so the playing surface changes every time you play. The play area in question is an island, where the story goes that you and your opponents are basically trying to take over, owning more territory, resources, and property than anyone else. The object is to score points, which are based on the number of resources you own and the colonies you have established (along with a few random points that come from Catan’s version of “Chance” and “Park Place” cards).

Even if you’ve never heard of the game or any of of its many expansion packs, take my word for it that it’s wildly popular, spawning an entire subculture of enthusiasts and players’ clubs. And like all good subcultures, it’s been remade in a new creative medium. In this case, that medium is cupcakes. And cupcake gaming = pure genius.

Cupcakes of Catan is a fully playable version of the game made with seventy-three cupcakes by Flickr user “QuintanaRoo.” As you can see in the photo above, the game pieces, island tiles, settler buildings, roads — everything but the cards — is made out of cupcakes and other sweet treats. It looks fun and delicious.

I just hope the winner gets to eat the spoils.

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