Custom Comic Book Wedding Invites

Getting married anytime soon?  If I can’t change your mind about that, how about just checking out this really cool store on Etsy?   The store is manned by a husband and wife team who actually came up with the idea of using comic book covers as a theme for their own wedding invitations back in 2007.

The idea of having a “unique” theme for one’s wedding is not all that unique anymore these days.  Just earlier this year, I heard about a friend of a friend of a friend whose wedding was Star Wars themed.  Everyone – from bride and groom to guests – had to come donning their best Star Wars costume.  Just do a search on Google, and you’ll find countless other weddings that have gone the “unique” theme route. 

Now I have no idea how the invites look for these kinds of weddings, but this comic book cover idea is something I wouldn’t mind adopting. It doesn’t even have to be for a wedding.  Heck, you can throw a party just to have an excuse to give out these invites!  Then again, you might not want to spend $225 just for “regular” party invites.

The artwork is pretty good, and all you need to do is provide the artist with photos of you and your partner. He’ll then draw unique comic book representations of you.  His guarantee? “I’ll make sure you look as though a cover was drawn by one of the top comic book artists from the 1960s to celebrate your big day. I don’t just trace the photos, but rather come up with a comic style interpretation that should still be easily recognized as you.”  Pretty huge statement, don’t you think? (The sample really does look good, though.)

For the price mentioned above, you’ll get the original artwork (11×17; black and white) plus digital copies (full color).  As for the actual invites, you’ll have to have them printed out yourself – definitely a drawback since the price is already a bit hefty in my opinion.

That doesn’t change the fact that the whole concept is awesome in my book.  I think that, maybe, for my 30th birthday (yeah, my brain gets all fuzzy when it comes to numbers sometimes), I just might splurge and go for this idea.  (Flip a coin to choose between Hit-Girl and Iron Man!) What do you think?

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