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If you've ever built a PC with a window, you know how ugly wiring is to look at. And it can be hard to hide. The best option I've found is cable sleeving, and specifically the Universal PSU Sleeving Kit from


If you’ve ever built a PC with a window, you know how ugly wiring is to look at. And it can be hard to hide. There are a few good options for making wiring look better — split loom, spiral loom, heatshrink… but none are “just right.” Split loom is too stiff and hard to manage, spiral loom takes forever to put on and shows the wires too much, and heatshrink makes the wires much less flexible. (Disclaimer: I’m not experienced at this stuff, and speaking only from my own attempts). The best option I’ve found is cable sleeving.

Some companies will sleeve your power supply and other items for you, or you can buy pre-sleeved items in some places. But there don’t seem to be many places that sell you the sleeving to do it yourself. is a neat online shop that sells all sorts of toys for your custom PC. One of the items they sell is a Universal PSU Sleeving Kit. You choose from 14 different colors (4 of which are UV reactive) of cable sleeving in two sizes, 8 colors of heatshrink (to hold the ends of the sleeving and prevent it from fraying), and if you want, you can even replace the connectors with black, UV red, UV blue, or UV green ones.

And while you’re there, be sure to check out the heavy-duty military style switch (perfect for that self-destruct mechanism on your workstation) and the car cigarette lighter kit for any open bay on your tower… just in case you need to smoke or make coffee or spread salt on those icy office floors!

…oh… and avoid the Bawls. It’s tempting, because the stuff is so good, but those caps come loose easily, and I can tell you from first hand experience that a sticky shipment of computer parts isn’t a pleasurable experience.

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