Cutify your iPhone 3Gs

By Jim

You just gotta appreciate the Japanese for their “cuteness factor”.  While true that most of the world are satisfied with the bare design of the iPhones (black, white), ah, the Japanese would want them in several other colors.  True that you could G-Mask your iPhones to your liking, but hey, it’s kinda semi-permanent and removing it may damage your precious little iPhone baby.

A Japanese company called Cut&Paste  has released these iPhone skins offering casing and screen protection.  Initially available in two designs called Bone Phone Cube 3G & Bone Phone Bubble 3G. Either design defines your iPhone 3G with the color that best describes your mood.  Do you want a striking motif, go for the red bubble… you in the mood for the 50/50 profile, go for the safe teal colored bubble.

Perfect fit for the iPhone 3G, offering a cuddly hole for the camera too.

Sold for US$18.70 right here.

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