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CVs of Famous Fictional Characters

Anyone will tell you that after completing your course, the first significant step in finding a job is the creation of your CV. First impressions are crucial and this will be a potential employer’s first glimpse of who you are, ideally prompting them to offer you an interview.

Many of the guys at Find Courses are fans of modern fiction, and this prompted them to wonder what the CVs of some of their favourite fictional characters from books, TV and movies might look like. Read on to see how many of them you recognise, and how good (or bad) their CVs are!


After a stressful 78 years of work, this elderly gentleman from one of the most epic movie franchises is not adjusting well to retirement. A recent immigrant to the land of Valinor, he is now looking for employment in his new home to keep himself from getting too bored. As you can see, his work and education histories are fairly extensive, with various achievements as testament to his breadth of wisdom and strength of character.

Jack Sparrow

This individual has recently found himself out of work and unable to remain self-employed after losing his primary means of generating income. While he has over twenty years of experience in his field (making him a potentially great asset to the right company), it seems that years of being his own boss has made him somewhat belligerent and lacking in respect, judging by the personal statement.

Sybil Trelawney

The overconfidence of lady’s personal statement could suggest insecurity hidden beneath a veneer of audacity; although considering her skillset, some employers might feel reassured by this level of certainty. Her education and experience are more encouraging – studying at an illustrious or impressive institution implies a high standard of training, and her many years teaching at the same place of work shows that she can hold down a long-term job.

Jesse Pinkman

This young man has an advanced education and great experience in one field but is looking to start again and make a career change. While the progression he made in his previous career implies drive and a willingness to work, his lack of professional experience outside of that could somewhat limit his options.

Forrest Gump

This next CV is a particularly ambitious one, based on the job this man is applying for. The tone of his introduction is more casual than one might hope, and the points it makes are not especially salient or effective in showcasing why he would be the best man for the job. Nevertheless, his skills and previous experience demonstrate an open-minded and well-rounded individual, willing and able to turn his hand to a variety of different professions.

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