Cylon Detector for iPhone

Just like many other geek households, Case el Franky is no exception and Battlestar Galactica is a highlight every week again. Battlestar Galactica is the exception when it comes to ‘legal’ matters. BSG is when it becomes allowed to acquire the newest episode somewhere because it is injustice that we here in the UK have to wait 2 weeks. And obviously it is fun to annoy the less internet-knowledgeable neighbours with spoilers.
Battlestar Galactica is just like Reservoir Dogs, no new media version is released or this boy orders it and it looks pretty much like this: First you buy Season 1 then Season 2 and box these boxes are replaced only weeks later usually with the Complete Season 1-2 box. One year later Season 3 is bought, only to replace the Complete Season 1-2 and the newly bought Season 3 box with the Complete Season 1-3 box. You get the git… I’m a fan. And I gladly become the subject of most marketing ploys of some execs when it comes to BSG.

But sometimes even this fan can become annoyed although I must admit that the Cylon Detector for iPhone (iTunes link) hot sounds. For $1.99.

The only problem is that again it is one more useless application for iPhone. But hey, who cares? Lightsaber, Moo, Flashlight, Fart application and now a Cylon detector. My life is getting better and better.

And so is that of some studio execs and marketing agencies.

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