Daedalus N64 Emulator Updated

Just a day after the initial release, very popular emulator has been updated, which is sort of average for new emulators (to be updated so frequently) after their release.

The good thing about Daedalus is that it’s completely Open-Source and anyone can pickup where, and if, they decide to stop. Over the upcoming future releases the team will focus mainly on graphical glitches, enabling save-game functionality, improving compatibility, and then finally start working on the emulation code itself and slowly insert options that take advantage of the PSP’s hardware, like it’s sound for example, and how knows, possibly Wifi in the future.

I won’t say that this is the killer homebrew app for the PSP, but it’s certainly one of the most requested.

Here is part of a quote from one of Daedalus’ developers taken from PSP-Spot:

To cut a long story short, I managed to port the emulator over fairly quickly, but after starting a new job development ground to a halt. A few months later I saw the buzz surrounding PSMonkey’s N64 emu, and thought I’d have to finally bite the bullet and let people see what I had been working on.

This is quite important: The emulator is far from perfect – many (most) roms don’t currently boot, and there are all sorts of crashes, graphical glitches and performance issues. There’s no sound or savegame support either This should really be treated as a teaser of what’s possible in the future. Hopefully if I have enough time and motivation I’ll be able to make a lot of headway with these problems.

This is a screenshot from the PC version of Daedalus. The PSP version currently doesn’t look as good due to graphical errors, but this is what you should expect from the upcoming releases in terms of rendering aspect.

And here is the changelist:

[+] Added support for streaming in large roms on demand.
[+] Various combiner (graphics) fixes.
[!] Fixed 120K wasted memory.
[~] Minor cosmetic (debug output) tweaks.
[~] Stopped debug output obscuring screenshots.

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