Book adaptations are an incredibly tricky territory to navigate, because not only do you have to please fans of the original source material but also those who have no experience with the property whatsoever, never mind those who weren’t particularly fond of it to begin with. In the case of Harry Potter, the fandom was heading into the original movie with their scrutinous and meticulous lenses at the ready.

The original novel, Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone, was published in 1997 and J.K. Rowling followed it up with another six novels between then and 2007, solidifying the series as one of the most exciting literary phenomenons of all time. However, with the movie adaptation of the same name in 2001, one of the most beloved cinematic franchises ever made was born too, with Deathly Hallows Part II bringing things to a close in 2011, four years after the books concluded.

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter wearing tie and robes sitting at table in Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone
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Both the original novels and their theatrical counterparts are arguably just as cherished as the other, but over the years, the films haven’t been without their detractors, with criticism largely stemming from omissions from the original text and inaccuracies in regard to character and story.

There is perhaps no way for a film adaptation to be entirely faithful to its predecessor, and the two predominant mediums that popularized Harry Potter are incredibly different, both with their own respective benefits. However, the star at the center of the eight movies recently shares something of a message to those who weren’t totally won over by the adaptations.

In regard to the previously announced MAX series, Daniel Radcliffe recently told Variety:

“It’s a nice thing that a whole new generation is going to get introduced to the stories in a new way. They’ll see it as a TV series, so they’ll probably have time to go into all the things. So for the people that were angry about things that were cut from the film, hopefully, they will finally be able to see the full version they wanted.”

Ahead of that, he included that he’s “excited for it as a viewer. I’ll be able to enjoy it with everyone else possibly, with a slightly different perspective.”

Ultimately, if you feel like the character on screen wasn’t quite how you imagined J.K. envisioned when writing the book, then maybe, just maybe, the TV series will offer a version of the character that feels closer to that depicted in the original text. Or, simply closer to who you imagined when curled up turning the pages.

As Daniel suggests, there will likely be a much more extended runtime because it’s a series, and with that extra time may come curious details that have been pulled from the novels. On the contrary, perhaps those working on the show will take even more artistic license than those who sculpted the movies did.

With it being such early days, it remains to be seen. Nevertheless, it’s certainly exciting to hear that the legendary actor, the ‘boy who lived’ himself, is so enthusiastic and optimistic about watching how the production will turn out.

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