Darth Maul Me

Ever wonder what you’d look like in Darth Maul’s facial tattoos and horns? A new app lets you find out.

Darth Maul Me, created by Lucasfilm in honor of The Phantom Menace in 3D, puts your face in Maul’s black-and-red visage. Just take a photo with your webcam, or upload an existing photo of yourself, and then help the app’s tools to correctly identify your facial features. (You basically outline your face and position cross hairs over your eyes.) The app does the rest.

You have the option of using the full Darth Maul face, a partial tattoo, or just those creepy golden Sith eyes. Once you’re done, you can download your Maul-ed picture or share it on Facebook. (That’s mine, below. I find it rather disturbing.)

It’s available as a web app at StarWars.com, but Lucasfilm plans to release it for iPhone as well, for iPhone 3GS or better, running at least iOS 5.

Me as Darth Maul

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