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Darts have remained one of the most popular bar games for many, many years now, and it’s not about to change anytime soon. Then, of course, there are professional dart players who compete for no small amount of prize money every year, across the United States and internationally. However, darts have gone mostly digital since the late 1970s. The touch of technology had given rise to electronic dart boards; a concept that has slowly brought together the best of the indoor sport with the best of what technology has had to offer to the game.

What Exactly are Digital Dart Boards?

Digital dartboards are quite simply, electronic versions of traditional dart boards, but there are a few key differences, as stated below.

  • The board can instantly and automatically sense which part of it the player has managed to hit with a dart
  • Scoring is, therefore, instant and automatic, reducing the chances of quarrels and bar fights!
  • An electronic dart board has thousands of holes in it to catch the dart and hold it in place
  • Generally speaking, the bull’s eye is easier to hit, as it’s larger than it is in a traditional dart board
  • Soft tip darts make it possible for even children to participate in the game, without the fear of getting injured themselves or ending up injuring others

Depending on the model and the manufacturer, your particular dart board may also offer additional features such as performance tracking and smart connectivity to transfer the data onto a computer or a smartphone.

What are Soft Tip Darts?

Although not universally applicable, soft tip darts usually have a plastic tip and a plastic-tungsten body. Like the name suggests, soft plastic tipS makes the game accessible to anyone and everyone, including children. Soft tip darts makes the sport safer for not just children, but pretty much everybody. There is a whole separate league or place for steel tip darts, and they remain the top choice for classic, dart players around the world. Nevertheless, soft tip darts are perfect for practicing at home or to simply have fun sessions with family and friends. Besides, electronic dart players have exclusive competitions of their own as well, commonly referred to as soft dart championships.

Are Soft Tip Darts Any Good?

Now, this is when things begin to get a little confusing because soft tip darts can be pretty good and reliable, but they can also at the same timE be quite terrible! It all depends on what you choose and how you choose. For example, a good set of tungsten – plastic darts should last you for a long time, while a poor set that’s is almost entirely made out of plastic, will feel off balance and likely break after just a few throws! To know how you should be choosing darts for your electronic boards, check out this guide to soft tip darts, which also mentions some of the best products available today.

In case you have never tried out electronic darts in the recent years, you will be surprised at how far the manufacturers have come in terms of developing the technology, as well as the actual hardware of electronic dart boards. Just make sure that you choose good quality soft tip darts and you will actually have more fun playing on a digital dart board than you will on traditional boards. The very fact that electronic dart boards make the game a much more socially inclusive one is particularly perfect right now for dart players, given that they are quarantined just like everyone else!

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