DaReek: Daryl DID Talk to Rick on Last Week's 'The Walking Dead'

Hey, I have a joke for you. What do you get when you mix Daryl from this season of Walking Dead with Theon Greyjoy from the last few seasons of Game of Thrones? DaReek. Hahahaha, a man who has been beaten down so badly and abused so severely, he comes like a useless dog, licking at the boot straps of whoever he is told.

BUT (and everyone knows with me there is always a but)….

The two characters are not as similar as you think right now. Yes, Daryl is playing “good dog” because he knows he caused Glen’s death and is doing all he can to prevent his actions from causing any more tragedies. So to see Rick try to talk to him when Negan brought Daryl back to pick up their weekly bounty and see Daryl just kinda wink and blink and grimace like a broken animal was tough to watch. After all, though Rick ran he group, Daryl was very feral and alpha, so to see him beaten down hit home for a lot of people, but relax. He did talk to Rick. And it was all laid out for us. ( hope).

You see, all that time he was in his cell and it looked like he was brooding (which he does fantastically well), he was actually recollecting something in great detail in his head. Something we have all seen before on this show:

Boom, motherf*ckers. Just boom.

So all that squinting and blinking may very well have been Daryl speaking to Rick with non-verbal communication (which is incredibly useful). Now what did he say? Hahahahaha, you all are lucky enough I shared THIS much just to give you some hope. You wanna decipher what DaReek may have said to Rick, best of luck to you and email it to me when you find out and I will post a follow-up, but I am over my word count for the month so that is one rabbit hole I am not leaping in. But please, by all means, leap in.

I am just happy he was still “with it.” Well, actually, this is Walking Dead. He could totally be broken. I am just trying to stay positive here. And to all those “we told you Daryl wouldn’t die” comments I have been getting lately  (I thought Negan would kill him, I will admit) the truth is, is he alive, but is he really? I mean, REALLY? Is being a silent, beaten down animal living? Would you want that for anyone YOU loved? Is this the the Daryl you know and love? No, it’s not. So in some VERY SMALL WAY, I was right. Daryl did die in that episode, fine-print style. He is now just as empty and useless as the walkers themselves so no one notices.


But seriously here, let’s hope this morse code theory is right, because a we prefer free-range Daryl. DaReek is tough to stomach.

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