Dash what I call a great gadget!

By Jim

Watching CNN yesterday, the anchors introduced a tech feature, almost stood up for the usual trip to the loo, but sat again because I needed to hear this one-of-a-kind “why didn’t I think of that” gadgeteroo!

Ok, ’nuff said.

Check out www.dash.net (must have cost them a fortune to get that four letter domain.  What’s the rate again for four letter domains… was it in the millions?)

Their witty blurb “Drive in the smart lane.”

Dash, at first glance, may look like your standard GPS computer dashboard road map.  It’s not.  It’s the only one in the planet that delivers TRAFFIC and navigation in very useful ways.

Ah you’ve seen Robin William’s movie “RV” where the dashboard computer “lola” drives the family through the streets.  Well Dash does the same really, but with a much useful twist.  Here’s the PR blurb on DASH.

“Stuck in traffic and want to know if you are going to make that meeting on time, or need to call and warn someone? Will you make it to your kid’s recital, or be home in time for dinner? Should you bail on the freeway and brave the surface streets? Wouldn’t it be nice to know which route to work is going to be faster today before leaving your driveway, and be automatically updated if traffic changes once you’re under way?

Knowledge isn’t just power, it’s a time-saver, too. And Dash Express has the smartest, most advanced traffic solution available—the innovative Dash Driver Network. Combined with comprehensive historical and sensor-based traffic information, the Dash Driver Network provides Dash users with the most detailed, accurate and current traffic picture available today. ”

Long-story short:

DASH is a gadget that guides you — it’s a terrific roadmap.
DASH is a gadget that tells you how traffic is (10 minutes before you hit it) — it’s a terrific and SMART roadmap

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