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Now that all our data is in the clouds and more and more web applications are popping up, it’s good to summarize what exactly is private cloud computing. While the web advances at lightning speed we forget to teach the non-tech people about new developments. That’s why you get people googling a website instead of just entering the URL in the navigation bar.

It occurred to me that it is a bit of challenge to just explain it to a less technical person, except for saying “we are assimilating all your data, resistance is futile”, but that’s just Facebook’s mantra.

I decided to google some infographics because I have come to love them. The day is just to short to read up countless of paragraphs when I want to know something. And infographs are the way to quickly absorb data.

Mozy has an aesthetically nice and organized infographic detailing everything about cloud computing. Mozy’s intro is pretty clear as what cloud computing entails. Even explaining that if you use Hotmail your are using “the cloud”. Well using Hotmail as example is surely to ring a bell with everyone who has been online.

The second infographic is by Wikibon which is shorter and more focused on a student starting out in the web apps area for example. While this infographic has some useful info it’s not one the best out there.

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A little 101 on how the internet works can never harm. I’m always bookmarking simple examples for when I have to explain something internet related to a non-tech person. For example, with Facebook becoming so mainstream and interlaced in our lives I always keep hammering to my family that nothing you post there is private. Information is key.

Most of the smart businesses opt for data on cloud due to its reliability, flexibility and security and that is the reason larger organizations prefer office 365 migration seeking for a trustworthy collaboration platform for their team. Apart from it cloud accounting solutions such as QuickBooks Hosting are popular among the accounting professionals increasing their efficiency.

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