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The Skinny About the 'Batman VS. Superman: Dawn of Justice' Extended Cut


So there is a completely new edition of Batman VS. Superman Dawn of Justice becoming available for home purchase, and it claims to have some all new scenes that flush out the story a bit more, but just how different is it? If you liked Dawn of Justice, you will most likely enjoy this because it takes that already WAY TOO LONG movie and makes it even longer. Almost unbearably so. Oh, and add gallons of blood. Literally.

The only major addition is, well, as sad as it is to say, a great deal more violence. I wasn’t kidding. Let me stress this, a GREAT deal more violent than the theatrical cut, and much more graphic as well. Jimmy Olson getting shot in the head in detail, for example, blood spray and all. This went from a HARD PG-13 to an R, no questions. If you THINK you ‘may’ have seen Batman kill people in the theatrical cut, just wait until you see him bash some guy’s skull in with a box (brain splatter on wall and everything) in this ultimate edition. It feels way too darker than this material has any right being this early on the new DC cinematic universe. And honestly, this cut will NOT change the minds of people who didn’t like Dawn of Justice. It is insight into a much darker DC universe, and like we said, this ultimate edition will not change how anyone already feels. It is what it is, only bloodier.

People have a love/hate relationship with Dawn of Justice for a reason, and this new “extra long, extra bloody” cut wont shift that paradigm at all. But check it out and judge for yourself. They also show Bruce Wayne’s ass for some reason.

Yeah, not my cup of tea. I have no interest in seeing ASSMAN: The Movie. We miss you, Bale and Keaton. We miss you.

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