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DC vs Marvel – Clash of the Scientists

Mad scientists are simply charming with their mysterious plans. They plagued comic books for generations because they had no problems performing unspeakable acts in the name of science when they thought that the result justifies whatever means. Having appeared for decades in comic books and even movies, these dastardly characters we both love and hate spark curiosity in all geeks. But comic books are not only about mad scientists but also about hero scientists who save the day and inspire each of us to pursue a career of science to follow their example.

Let’s meet the most famous (mad or not) scientists from DC and Marvel.

DC Comics

Doctor Alchemy/ Albert Desmond

Albert Desmond is a chemist who suffers from a dissociative identity disorder. One of his personalities was a law-abiding scientist while the other was a villain. The villain assumed the identity of Mr Element and used his skills to commit crimes.

At first, the character was known as the astral twin of Alvin Desmond whom he shared a psychical connection with, but in the modern age, Alvin Desmond was retconned as a construct of the Philosopher’s Stone. Flash puts Desmond in jail where he finds out about the existence and power of the Philosopher Stone. When he starts using it, he can transmute one element into another and he rotates between Mr Element and Doctor Alchemy.

The Flash/Barry Allen

When Barry Allen’s mother was murdered, and his father accused of the crime, Darryl Frye, who was romantically involved with his mother took Barry in and taught the boy that the search for evidence is the only way to discover the truth. He inspired Barry to become a forensic scientist.

He is an assistant scientist from the Criminal and Forensic Science Division of Central City Police Department and even if he has a reputation of being a very slow and frequently late forensic, his skills help him solve cases every time.

Lex Luthor

Speaking of villains, Lex Luthor is one of the most brilliant minds in the comic books universe. He is one of the people who see Superman as a threat, a creature whose existence is a danger for humankind. He thinks his role is to prevent Superman from reaching his true potential.

While some comics present him as a mad scientist, contemporary stories portray him as a wealthy businessman and ingenious engineer who uses his intelligence to rid the world of the alien Superman.

He easily scarifies other people because he thinks they are a means to his path to success. He constantly lies, cheats, steals and manipulates to accomplish his goals. He uses his scientific skills to convince the world he is the god they need.

Atom/Ray Palmer

Ray Palmer is not only Atom, but also a knight, knighted by the Queen Guinevere of Camelot herself in 507. He is known as a businessman and former CEO of Palmer Technologies. He used his genius skills to design a powerful exosuit he uses to fight crime in Start city. When he wears the suit, he calls himself the Atom.

During his university years, he was one of the best students of Professor Martin Stein because of his genius level intellect.

Batman/Bruce Wayne

Everyone knows Bruce Wayne as Batman, but few would say about him that he is a scientist. His methods, processes, and skills show that he is a descriptor scientist and detective, even if he doesn’t have a degree or published any paper. He does a lot of research and he is a brilliant strategist and tactician. He has some of the keenest analytical minds in the universe, and even if he lacks superpowers, he uses his skills to fight and defeat his foes. 


The Hulk/Bruce Banner

Dr Bruce Banner is a genius scientist who was exposed to gamma radiation that makes him transform into the Hulk when he is stressed, angry or injured. During his Harvard studies he volunteered for a project that studied the use of hallucinogenic.

After graduation, he became a leader in gamma radiation research and collaborated with Erik Selvig. He joined a military research group that searched ways to make soldiers more resistant to radiation, and he decided to test the experiment on himself. The experiment transformed him into the Hulk and he became obsessed with finding a cure for his condition. He is a shy and analytical man of science and he is afraid his power will hurt someone. Bruce Banner’s determination to study science to find cures that can save the world inspires people to study chemistry to improve their skills and follow his example.

The Beast/Hank McCoy

Hank’s father worked at a nuclear power plant and during an accident, he was exposed to massive amounts of radiation that affected his genes, so his son was born a mutant. He was different from other mutants because he showed signs of mutation from birth. His innate superhuman intellect attracted Professor X who took him under his tutelage to help him improve his skills. He was a brilliant student, completed his doctoral studies, and worked as a genetics researcher at the Brand Corporation. There he managed to isolate the hormonal extract that causes mutations and created a serum that worked as a catalyst for activating latent mutations.

Morbius/Dr Michael Morbius

Dr Michael Morbius was born in Greece, and he is a Nobel Prize-winning biochemist. He fought a blood disease his whole life and used his skills and knowledge to experiment with treatments involving vampire bats and electroshocks to find a cure. But his experiments had side-effects and he became a pseud-vampire who consumed blood to survive.

This article revealed some of the most outstanding scientists in comic book history. They are all famous characters who inspire geeks to follow scientific careers to pursue their dreams. Whether they experiment on themselves and suffer from the side effects their entire life, as Hulk does, or use their skills to fight criminals like Ray Palmer, they are all magnificent characters that impress with their knowledge.

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