'Dead Rising' too Intense for Japan

According to GameTrailers.com, Capcom’s hardcore zombie epic for the Xbox 360, Dead Rising, is far too intense for the Japanese market. The game, heavily editted for content so as to remove decapitations and dismemberment, still warranted the dreaded “Z” rating which allows only those 18 or older to purchase the title. However, the edits and rating would not appear to be enough, as Dead Rising will only be receiving a limited release. As a result, the game is hard to find.

Japan has previously taken the “moral highground” over violent American games in the past. Most notoriously, Grand Theft Auto III was almost not released in the country due to the “questionable” content, and didn’t manage a release until many years after it came out in the US. It ranked 3rd best-selling title the week of it’s Japanese release, by the way.

On a personal note, I find it hilarious that the Japanese would react with such moral outrage over the content of American-produced media. After all, they’re country created an entire genre of animation dedicated to middle school girls getting violently raped by tentacles. But whatever; Dead Rising is a fantastic game. Their loss.

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