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Deadpool Curse Word Count and Other Stats

When we think of Deadpool, we think funny. We also think filthy mouth. Then there’s his sexuality.

Some question – with good reason – why the movie had to portray Deadpool as such. Here’s a snippet of an interesting discussion on Reddit to give you an idea.

Everywhere I go, every time I click a link regarding the hoped for Deadpool movie, the comments invariably have people calling out how the movie can have no less than an R rating to properly match the content, and if not, it is not honoring the source material.

I don’t see it at all.

Do people saying that Deadpool needs to swear actually read Deadpool comics? He doesn’t actually cuss that much and rather tends to use creative insults. It’s a goofy, lighthearted spin on what should be a callous, horrendous murderer.

All valid arguments notwithstanding, the movie does give us a Deadpool that is over the top.

And we have just the infographic that shows numbers like a Deadpool curse word count, Mexican food reference count, and other “counts” that make this mercenary beloved by many.

Check it out below.


Accurate counts, or do you have different numbers?

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