Dealing With Laptop Theft

Thank goodness that I have not had to face this situation, and I am frantically crossing ALL of my fingers (if that’s even possible) that I would not have to find myself in such a bind – ever! Losing a laptop is not a remote possibility – it is an all-too-real possibility these days. While I am sure that you are quite vigilant when you have your laptop with you, you never know what might happen. One second you might be playing with your baby and the next, it might be gone!
With Front Door Software’s Retriever, you can increase your chances of getting your laptop back in case it is stolen. This is what they promise:

1) Prevent theft of your laptop
2) Protect your information
3) Recover lost & stolen equipment
4) Protection 24/7 online and off
5) New TALKING help feature!
6) Google map / track feature

While all of those things are very important, I find myself being hooked on a series of images in my head…My laptop gets stolen. I report it. The thief can’t wait to try using it. He goes to the nearest free WiFi hotspot, turns the laptop on, and suddenly, this booming voice (Aslan’s voice in The Chronicles of Narnia) is heard. I haven’t come up with the perfect “You’re a thief, return my laptop” line yet but can you just imagine how hilarious it would be to actually witness something like this happening?

Joking aside, this kind of security measure is something that I think will become more widespread in the very near future. You can actually try out the Retriever for free for 90 days.

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