Dear DC Cinematic U, Why Do You Hate You and US So Much?!

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Here’s the thing, I love DC. I don’t want anyone trying to ban this site using some petition just because I don’t think the movies they currently make do the DC universe justice (pun intended). That does not make me a “hater”, that actually stands as a testimony to the fact that I am the opposite, actually. If I was a DC hater, why would I go into these movies with such high hopes? If I am a DC hater, how come my queen and I call the kitchen the “batcave” and hang a bat-flag symbol off it as a door? If I am a DC hater, why have I sculpted and drawn over 100 pieces of Batman and Joker fan art? Hell, my “Man Who Kills the Joker” story hit 5 million views on my site and decided to pull it because I KNOW I can sell that story to DC one day, real talk, no joke. ALL THOSE THINGS prove I am far from a hater. I am a fucking DC fanboy. THEREFORE, don’t I have even MORE right to air my displeasure than a non-fan who see these movies when they come out but doesn’t own a single Batman comic or even know Harley Quinn was created FOR the animated series? I know this shit, I understand DC’s world, but after Dawn of Justice, I feel like I don’t even know if DC know what they’re doing when it comes to film anymore. DC, you either hate yourselves or your fans, but feeling either way is just not cool. We expect more from you.

                                     The best part is you can literally see Batman behind him to the right. That wasn’t planned. How is THAT for DC fanboy?

I know I reviewed the Killing Joke and told most people it might be the best movie DC puts out this year, animated or not. But even now, a few weeks later, and that forced “sex” scene and the song and dance number just have grown to bother me more and more. Was I SO eager to love my favorite Batman story of all time that I may have overlooked some fundamental flaws? Maybe, just maybe.

But now, I am on the edge of seeing Suicide Squad, which I have been amped about since last year, and this happens. Last time that happened was Dawn of Justice, and I still cannot think of one movie that has bothered me more so far this year. Will I still see Suicide Squad this week? Yes, of course I will. And as a DC fanboy, will I go in with high hopes? Yes, yes I will. But I have to be honest with all the readers and DC as well. If that review is, indeed, correct on Rotten Tomatoes, I may have to retire from seeing DC movies, no joke.

Take one dump on source material I love, shame on you. But by taking repeated dumps with me allowing and encouraging it by buying tickets, that’s shame on me. But like I said, I am a HUGE DC fan, so here’s to holding out hope, as a fan, that DC will start doing this right again. AKA, hire a true fan like me to help work on their shit so it stops coming out so, well….so dry and broken.

At least I am willing to work towards fixing this.

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