Declutter: 6 Fun Recycled Cable Organizers for Real Geeks

There is nothing as annoying as a wire mess. While we have made strides as a society to eliminate wires in every way possible, from WiFi to clippy headsets, the problem still continues with many objects.

Cable boxes, cell phone chargers, television sets, gaming consoles, computers and laptop stations, speakers – all of these things create a tangle of wires that are an eyesore.

But you can declutter your house using recycled objects that are likely just laying around. Look at these six creative and fun ways that people have been able to reduce their unsightly wire tangles around the home.

1. DIY Headphones Organizer

This person made an awesome owl wrap for their iPhone earbuds using a piece of wood and a laser cutter. This could be done in any standard woodworking class, and any material would suffice. Notice the way it wraps and then settles, nice and clean. It is an immediate fix to the evils of daily headphone untangling that we all know and dread.

2. Long Cord Toliet Paper Roll

Can you imagine a simpler idea for cords? This one was done using a toilet paper roll, but it could also be done with a paper towel roll. That would keep multiple cords bunched together and in place, without tangling all over the place.

3. Cable CD Spindles

This is one I have been using for years. Now that everything has moved to flash drives and external hard drives, CDs are less popular. But the plastic cases the spindles come in are useful for a number of things, this being one of them.

4. Fork and Cream Sauce Cable Organizers

An adorable idea, this is as much a decorative choice as it is a functional one. The plastic fork has been used to twist the cord like spaghetti, and the “plate” allows it to stand so as to be easily removed when the cord is needed. It would only work for thinner cords, such as for media players and mobile phones, however.

5. Credit Card Organizers

I rather like this idea. You take a credit card or old store/gift card and drill holes at different areas with space between each. Then thread the cords through to keep them separate from each other – simple but useful and free.

6. Binder Clip Cord Holders

This is my favorite cable-sorting idea. They took a simple binder clip and put it on the edge of the desk. Then they looped the cables through each, letting it keep them separated. This would have unlimited potential and be very cheap to do.

There are plenty of ways you can use average household items to declutter your office, living room or bedroom. What are some of your own ideas? Let us know in the comments section.

Annie is a geeky blogger for Life Insurance Finder, the free resource of free Life Insurance Calculators and other finance-related tools.

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