Deep-fried Gadgets: Taking Gadgeteering to a New Level

Think you’re a gadgeteer? You might want to think again.

Ask yourself how far you would go to play with your gadgets. I have a feeling that you won’t be able to top what this guy has done.

Harry Hargreaves is a photographer from New Zealand working out of his New York studio, and he has just come up with some interesting photography work: deep-fried gadgets.

We don’t really need to say much more about the deep-fried gadgets except that they are not actual electronic devices dipped in hot oil. The artist says that he does not have the budget to use real gadgets for deep frying, and one can’t blame him for that. The gadgeteer in me is thinking more along the lines of “Who has the heart to do that to those babies?”

Take a look at some of Hargreaves’s work. First up, is a deep-fried iPhone.

Deep-fried iPhone

If you can have a deep-fried iPhone, why not a deep-fried iPad? You know, for those with bigger appetites.

Deep-fried iPad

Last, but definitely not the least, is a deep-fried laptop. It’s for sharing.

Deep-fried Laptop

Now aren’t you just a bit curious about what Hargreaves used to make those gadgets? After all, they look so real. At first, I actually thought he did a “Will It Blend” like thing – using real gadgets, frak the cost! Apparently, he used
foamcore as the main material to build the gadgets.

To get the deep-fried food look, the foamcore devices were dipped in batter (no idea what kind; tempura maybe?) and then treated to some hot oil goodness.

See more of Hargreaves’s deep-fried gadgets here.

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