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Deeply Exploring The Marvel Symphonic Universe

A lot of movie fans just don’t realize how much score and music and overall sound design can affect a movie universe. For perfect example of this, think of Star Wars and Indiana Jones. When you think of Star Wars, if you are anything like me, the score starts playing in your mind first. You can literally hear it playing even though, in that moment, it is only playing in your head. Same can be said about Indiana Jones’ theme. It goes hand in hand with the love of that universe. Would those two franchises exist like they do without those perfect scores? One can only wonder.

Another cinematic universe that works closely with its music (even though most may not notice until this video) is Marvel. From simple elements of sound design (how SHOULD an Iron Man suit sound) to swooping scores that enunciate key moments for people, Marvel knows how to score a film and have the music influence you as much as the film itself. Watch the following video to understand more.

This video is from a YouTuber called EveryFrameAPainting, and if you are as much a fan of film as I, you owe it to yourself to check his page every couple of weeks. He dissects film on a much deeper level than most on YouTube, and the end result is, you often walk away from his videos with a much deeper appreciation for the films he speaks of.

The above video being no exception.

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