Delta Blue, the New Genre-Bending Web Series

We all love a good genre bend. From the space-westerns of Firefly and Cowboy Bebop to the golden clockwork of Steampunk literature, the classics all have a sense of familiarity and thrilling wonder of the new. Delta Blue is the next step in a long lineage of retro-futuristic depictions of morality, humor, and edge-of-your-seat entertainment.

Themed after the seedy culture of one of America’s greatest art forms, The Blues, Delta Blue is the story of three unique and compelling characters, Willie Ray Marmalade, Hoot Ryker and Miss Annie. They operate a backwoods speakeasy called Delta Blue in the remote recesses of the planet Delta. The speakeasy is a front for their real mission – to counteract the oppression of the omnipresent, soul-stealing ‘Capitol Corporation’, whose greed and corrupt activities have made virtual slaves of Delta’s citizens.

Marmalade, Hoot and Annie are smugglers that get their hands on whatever technology will combat the Corp. while helping the voiceless. The trio is caught up in a grand adventure, with ever escalating danger, in a life-threatening attempt to undo the corporation before it becomes too big to stop.

Music, humor and suspense all intertwine to create a compelling adventure tale, not entirely of this world, in Delta Blue.

Though not taking place in any particular point in time, Delta Blue is heavily rooted in the deep South, the early beginnings of blues music and the often turbulent heritage it grew out of. In fact, Delta Blue is based heavily in ”bluespunk”, a storytelling genre that combines sci-fi with tales of the dark, dangerous world of the depression-era South.

Delta Blue stars Rebekah Lynn Bruflodt as Annie, a burlesque dancer who serves as the owner of a local speakeasy called Delta Blue. While Annie’s beauty and outer charm wows the male patrons of the bar, she’s got a no-nonsense attitude when it comes to running her business.

The cast also features actor/musician Collin Hauser (who also serves as the series’ composer) as Delta Blue’s in house musician Willie Ray Marmalade, a man who sees the real world as a complex and unclear place, and whose past is just as hard to figure out.

Yet, one thing is certain: he’s head over heels in love with Annie. In contrast to Willie’s personality, Delta Blue’s barkeep Hoot Ryker (Benjamin Dennis) tends to see the world as a battle between the forces of good and evil. Described by Smith as “a cross between the intensity of Liam Neeson and the attitude of Teddy Roosevelt,” Hoot chooses to settle disputes by duking it out rather than talking it out, and it’s those qualities that often land him in some sticky situations. Together, they join forces to save Delta from greed, abuse and the people who try to take advantage of the planet itself.

Created, written, produced and directed by Cameron J. Smith, Delta Blue’s Kickstarter campaign began on Thursday, May 1st, and is seeking to raise $6,000 to produce the first three episodes of its 12 episode first season.” -The Snobby Robot

We have a number of resources already in place, some excellent equipment, some in-kind donations and some key industry partners who will support the project. We would like to cover at least a portion of our other expenditures. Our Kickstarter funds will cover:

  • Crew
  • Talent
  • Craft Services
  • Special Effects
  • Marketing
  • Art and Set Direction
  • Props
  • Music
  • Post Production

The shoot for the three episodes has been scheduled for 4 days and we want to make sure every hard earned dollar that you pledge can be seen on the screen.

Help us to make it all by donating at one of the levels to your right on the page. Cool premiums will be sent as a thank you for your donation. Help us make this series a reality. Become a part of our collaborative effort. And for the sake of the Planet Delta, tell your friends.

To donate to the series’ Kickstarter campaign, please visit the Kickstarter page.

You can also learn more about Delta Blue here:

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