I imagine that a lot of our readers have a USB hub somewhere on their desks, just like I do. I also imagine that they don’t often wear pants, but maybe that’s just me. Literally. Anyways, my USB hub has cords going all over the place from it, and it’s gotten to the point where I have one stacked on top of the other just to gain some extra space. It’s a little frustrating at times.

That’s why when I see designs like this, I get a little excited. It’s from Yanko Design, and although it’s just a concept right now, I certainly hope someone figures out how to make it reality. Here’s what they say about it:

So here’s the Infinite USB – an alternative plug on devices that kinda acts like a tag team. The design speaks for itself, so no point elaborating, however what we can do is talk about its effectiveness and limitations. For starters I don’t think we may be able to tag too many devices one behind the other. I reckon max 3 or 4 before the tag starts to look awkward, but the color coding on plugs will make it easy to identify which plug belongs to which device.

Brilliant. Just damned brilliant. Now I’m not a technical guy or an engineer, so I don’t know if this is physically possible. If it is however, someone get on it. Seriously. Go build it now so I can buy lots of them and have a 4-foot long USB chain hanging off my laptop.

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