DGEN 0.90 Released - Genesis/Megadrive Emulator for PSP

A new version has been released of one of the most popular Genesis( aka Megadrive) emulators for the PSP. It’s previous version was already quite good, all the roms I tested played and it had a nice little feature which is that it would take a screenshot of the game when you used a save state.

The older version was a bit slower than the PSP Genesis emulator however, after testing both the emulators just now with Sonic the Hedgehog at 222Mhz, clearly, DGen was much smoother in both Normal and Full Screen modes.

So, what are you waiting for, go get this great emulator and start playing your favorite Genesis/Megadrive games on the go.

NOTE: Do not download ROMs unless you own the original copy, or unless you plan on deleting them in less than a week and please do not ask where you can get them because your comment will be removed, do not ask in the forums either.

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