Digg Everything?

By Dave

It looks like Digg is going to add a wider range of topics to its site. I am not sure if this means Digg.com will mix technology with other stories to compete for the homepage, or if you will have to select what homepage you want, be it technology or politics.

Kevin Rose has always hoped to expand Digg into other niches, but I have looked at the Digg formula, and wondered if that would even work. Digg is successful because… ? Well, no one really knows the full formula of why it got to where it is, but I can tell you one thing, the tech and geek communities have embraced it and so it has grown.

A technophile getting his submission on the front page gives him or her a great sense of worth, and having a high front page number is something to be proud of. Do you think that a doctor, politician, or actor will really care if their submission makes it to the front page of their respected section? Maybe not so much. I think that while a fair bit of people that are interested in more than technology will spread out into the other areas, they will never be as successful as the original technology slant of Digg.

The good news is that Digg will get a redesign for this new update. I can’t wait to see what they come up with this time, and I hope whatever they do, they also release a light weight version for those of us that don’t want to wait for fancy graphics to load.

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