Digg Introduces New Features

Today Digg.com introduced a few new features. The features, as of this writing do not appear to be very significant. Definately not worth a 3.0 upgrade but maybe a 2.x upgrade. I think the features were pushed out too early, and some of them were unnecessary. The features:

Block Article

This Block Article functionality makes the selected article disappear, but there doesn’t appear to be a way of bringing it back. If you reload the page, the article appears for a brief instance before it disappears. Also, on this feature the story just disappears, without any prompt so if you accidentally block a story, it’s gone.

Block User

Block user is pretty much self-explanitory. It blocks the user. This time there is a prompt but there doesn’t appear to be a list for unblocking.

Show Article

Show Article doesn’t appear to be very useful, it basically sizes the websize down to fit within the digg webpage and the ability to close that small window, instead of just pressing the link to the story.

Show Comments

The most useless feature of all is the Show Comments feature. All this does is bring up another one of those little windows except this time it contains a digg page that has the comments! They didn’t even take the time to get rid of all the surrounding elements of the page.

Quote Comment

Now, if you comment on a story and want to flame another user, you are given the ability to quote them, instead of using copy and paste. Digg automatically places their comment in the input box for you.

The Best Feature: HTML Formatting in Comments

Finally Digg has given users the ability to use HTML in their comments, I haven’t checked which tags they allow or don’t, but it is still useful especially for posting links in the comments.

Update (5:17 11/29/05):
Digg has just removed all these features I mentioned, it may have been a mistake to post them.

Update (8:56 11/29/05)
Digg has just added all these features back.

Two Notes:

  1. Some of the functionality I said I wished they had, may be coming soon but at the time of this writing are not available.
  2. If you see any features I didn’t mention please post in the comments.
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