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Ditch The Polaroid, The KiiPix Smartphone Printer Is All You Need!

It’s the holidays two things are usually full this time of the year, your belly, or your phone’s gallery… we’re here to talk about your phone’s gallery. The number of selfies, family photos, and landscape shots you take this season will usually skyrocket. That means it’s time to free up some space and immortalize those images by turning them into physical photos. When it comes to that, polaroid cameras are old news now, the KiiPix Smartphone Printer is the new kid in town!

What is it? It’s a device that will strengthen your relationship with your grandparents and older generations in your family since they prefer physical photos over social media uploads. The KiiPix Smartphone Printer prints the images you take from your smartphone in polaroid format; it basically replaces the function of a polaroid camera.

Unlike the Polaroid, this smartphone image printer doesn’t rely on batteries or any electricity at all! It’s a low-tech device that will print your smartphone images just by simply exposing the image to the printer. We’re not saying magic exists, just suggesting it.

As mentioned earlier, it also uses polaroid films, specifically the Fuji Instax Film which is sold separately.

Meanwhile, the KiiPix Smartphone Printer will only set you back $39.99, a small price to pay for photos to hang on your wall or fridge so you don’t have to keep opening your smartphone to show the picture or twiddling with your Instax.

It also doesn’t matter which mobile phone you use, the smartphone image printer is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Pretty much anything with a screen that can show colored images. Heck, you can even try placing your whole computer monitor on the printer; it will work, though there’s no reason to do that while you’re sober. Anyway, ditch the polaroid and grab this smartphone printer for the holidays!

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