What was the last thing that you made using your hands? And I don’t mean coding. While you do use your hands to type, that doesn’t exactly count in this case!

This gal from Los Angeles, California impressed me with her sewing skills, if only because the only time I tried making a dress in high school Home Ec, it was an utter disaster! Seriously, this high school teacher married to a scientist rocks!

She got hold of some Star Wars sheets, of which there is no shortage of, I assume. She then proceeded to get her hands and imagination busy and created this wonderful DIY retro Star Wars dress. Male or female will certainly stop to take a second look at this.

Star Wars Dress
DIY Star Wars Dress

By the way, the sheets that she used for this dress are not your ordinary sheets. They were a gift from a friend: original 1977 Star Wars sheets! Okay, I can hear some of you shouting – what a way to treat vintage sheets! Then again, if you look at the result, I suppose that it is a forgivable act.

This is the back of the DIY retro Star Wars dress, and you can see that some thought was put into how the design of the sheets would come out with the dress. I think it’s perfect how she was able to put C3PO into each of the straps.

DIY Star Wars Dress
DIY Star Wars Dress Back

I have a feeling that you want to see that skirt spread in all its glory. Well, here it is. Feast your eyes on the print.

DIY Star Wars Dress
DIY Star Wars Dress 2

Guess how much this cost to make? About $6 in materials!

Doesn’t this make you want to try your hand at making your own DIY retro Star Wars dress – or any other similar idea? As I have no skill at all when it comes to sewing, I suggest you visit Cation Designs for the details instead.

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