Rorschach is perhaps the most popular character in The Watchmen. He is also arguably the most intriguing one. I bet that you have more than once wished that you had a mask just like his. I know I wouldn’t mind wearing one to a costume party!

If you have been wondering how to wow your friends (and enemies) with your very own “real” Rorschach mask, here’s something that will make your dream a reality. A guy who uses the YouTube username guinness0507 has figured out how to make a Rorschach mask – one wherein the shape actually changes!

You probably remember that the pattern on Rorschach’s mask changes based on his emotions. While it was quite easy to create a Rorschach mask – just get some black ink and blot it – the shifting of the pattern was another story altogether. Guinness0507 was fortunate enough to find just the right materials to create a similar effect. All you need is some transparent base, this black thermal powder, a sheet of wax paper, and a white cloth (his choice: a wifebeater).

The principle behind the real Rorschach mask is simple: the thermal powder reacts to the temperature of the wearer’s breath, resulting in the shifting of the pattern. Now how come no one had thought of this before?

He shows the whole process in the video below.

This one’s definitely belongs to the Dept. of Awesomeness, doesn’t it?

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