DIY Zelda Mini-Arcade Game

The Legend of Zelda (Zelda) is one of the great video games of all-time with its mixture of action, adventure, and puzzle solving.  For many, their first exposure to Zelda was as a game played on The Nintendo Entertainment System.

For those unfamiliar with Zelda, the game centers on a character named Link, who’s often tasked with rescuing Princess Zelda from Ganon.  To say Zelda is fun, addictive, adored by countless console gamers and an all-around great game, is putting it midly.

The game is admired so much that one enterprising individual, Greg, has taken their love of Zelda and created his very own homemade Legend of Zelda min-arcade game.

How does it work?  According to the creator:

“Basically I modded a nes controller to arcade controls and build a mini arcade cab around a yobo nes. This thing is great! Its fun to play other nes games on arcade controls such as: zelda 1 and 2, donkey kong, punch out, metroid, megaman ect.”

So, there you have it.  Greg took a NES system, built his own Legend of Zelda mini-arcade game casing with the result being a super, small, arcade game that fits on any dresser, book case, or other place you’d think to store a miniature arcade game.

Are you a fan of the Zelda game franchise?  If you could have your very own mini-arcade game, which game would you opt for and why?



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