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It looks like Cthulhu is back in fashion at last. Yeah, I might be late in saying this, but as a die-hard fan since a youg age, this can only be a good thing. Well, the perils of mimetic infection (in the style of In The Mouth Of Madness) not withstanding, of course.

Marvel is known for being behind the curve on many trends,. After all how many Twilight films and Vampire Slayers did there have to be for the current Curse Of The Mutants event? Still, this whole Thanos Imperative crossover rather shows that Cthulhu’s time in the spotlight is on its way.

That’s a good thing, right? I rather hope it means we will see some good films out of this, up there with Dagon.

Whether you are new to ways of the Great Old Ones or a long time follower, you have missed out if you are not looking at the offerings from Boom. Today sees the shipping of the second issue of the Calling Cthulhu Chronicles, and if you are late for this bandwagon, hop on.

There is a certain pace in Booms offerings where you know that it will go from slightly weird to absolutely tear-your-eyes-out crazy in one page turn, yet the waiting for the axe to drop is exquisite. This latest series seems to offer all this and more, there seemed to be more in the first issue than many four-issue series I have read, yet at no point was it rushed.

One final treat for all you Cthulhu fans out there. If you haven’t heard of the H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society and some of their musical offerings, here is one of their unseasonal numbers.

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