Also USE. There is no lack of Doctor Who merchandise online and offline, and you can find anything from t-shirts to home stuff to bathrobes to bags. Just looking for Doctor Who items makes me dizzy because of all the choices.

You’re probably experiencing the same thing, so I’ve done a bit of legwork for you by putting together some of the best and/or most interesting Doctor Who merchandise I’ve found online. I cannot promise that the choices are unbiased, but I can promise you you’ll find something to make at least one of your hearts beat faster.

Doctor Who Merchandise: Tees

Timey Wimey

Doctor Who merchandise
The next time someone asks you about time, time travel, and related topics, just show them this tee. Available here.

The Pandorica Opens

Doctor Who merchandise
Absolutely one of my favorite episodes and tee design. Get this explosive tee for $22 here.

Captain Jack

Doctor Who merchandise
Who doesn’t fall for that smile every single time? With Captain Jack at your service, well, anything can happen. Get it here.

Don’t Blink

doctor who merchandise
Of course, the Angels have to make it to the list. As of this writing, this tee is on sale at Amazon.

Sonic Screwdriver Ad

doctor who merchandise
Last, but not the least, we need the sonic screwdriver. I love this particular design as, it not only features Matt Smith, but the entire feel is anachronistic. Get it here.

Doctor Who Merchandise: Jewelry

Tungsten Ring

Tungsten Ring
This tungsten ring is made to order, and boy, by the looks of it, the $45 price tag is totally worth it. Order here.

Man With Two Hearts Charm

man with two hearts
The man with two hearts certainly did (does) charm his way into our lives, and this piece of jewelry is something I think any Whovian will want. Yes? Check it out here.

Sonic Screwdriver Earrings

sonic earrings
What’s better than having a sonic screwdriver in your bag? Sonic screwdrivers hanging from your earlobes! For $10, you can have a pair.

TARDIS Pendant

TARDIS pendant
A TARDIS pendant always works. Always. But there are so many designs out there that it’s rather difficult to stop yourself from hoarding them. If you’re only limited to one design, I say check this one out.

Weeping Angels Earrings

weeping angels earrings
The Weeping Angels freak me out like no other Doctor Who monster, but if they were dangling from my ears, then I wouldn’t have to see them, and I have no problems blinking. Makes sense? If you think like me, get a pair for only $7.21.

Daleks and Cybermen Cufflinks

If you need to dress up, these are the only cufflinks that will do. Available at Amazon.

Doctor Who Merchandise: Bags, Shoes, and Other Accessories

Gallifrey Seal Doctor Who Tote Messenger Bag

Gallifrey Tote
This handmade messenger bag is made-to-order, so you can be sure that it’s specially made for you. Man, I’d use this bag everyday if I had it! From corsairsboutique, $40.

Dalek Felt Bag

Dalek Bag
Handmade, material is felt. You may not be able to exterminate your enemies with the bag, but you can certainly try! It’s a little pricey at $190, but it sure is one-of-a-kind!

Custom Doctor Who Shoes Converse All Stars

Doctor Who Converse
From one of our favorite artists, usagianddarien, this pair is too good to pass up on. Oh, and she accepts made-to-order shoes, so get going!


If heels are your thing, then this pair will blow your socks off. Made by LeadFootLucy, you can of course choose your size; and if you want a different design (to match occasions, you know), you can always have them made.

Dalek and TARDIS Tea Towels

No Whovian home is complete without these tea towels. Get the set from the BBC shop.

Who Home Coaster Set

Coasters are important. They protect your furniture from liquid marks, and what better way to do that than with this set? (Not to mention receiving admiration from your Whovian visitors)


The good news is that you can have 4 more USB ports (Mac users will know just how important that is). The bad news is that this item is currently out of stock, but check here periodically.

So I think I’ve gotten you scrolling way too much. There’s still A LOT out there that I want to add, so if you want more, let me know in the comments, and I’ll see what I can do!

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