Doctors New And Old, Fifty Years Of Doctor Who

it is Doctor Who canon that a Time-Lord only ever has twelve incarnations. That means that Capaldi is the Penultimate Doctor, unless they deal with this.

So now we have seen just who has received the honour of the role of the Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi, most famous (in my eyes) for his role as the foul-mouthed Malcolm Tucker of the political comedy The Thick Of It. (Who most definitely was not based upon the real world advisor to the Labour Party Alastair Campbell. Honest.)

Just as a note of interest, my inner geek is screaming that it is Doctor Who canon that a Time-Lord only ever has twelve incarnations. This was the central theme of Mawdryn Undead, and the reason that the Master became a body-hopping vampiric being. That means that Capaldi is the Penultimate Doctor, unless they deal with this.

Then again, the Time-Lords were never completely ‘one with the Vortex’ as was stated in back in Bad Wolf, so much as harnessers of the Vortex, so maybe the answer lays in the mysteries of the Time War, to which the BBC have yet to hint they will pay any attention.

As a life-long fan who began hiding behind the sofa from the Daleks at the age of seven, I want this to be addressed. But, moving on…..

Capaldi is actually older than William Hartnell was when he accepted the role, and will bring some added maturity to the role that was sometimes lacking with Matt Smith. Part of the Doctor’s alien nature is defined by his vast experience, and Smith’s youth did not help demonstrate this. Yet being so young he did manage to symbolise how the Doctor was coming to a whole new stage in his life, so I suppose it all comes balances out in the end.

IDW have chosen to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Doctor with the mini-series Prisoners Of Time, which has now reached its sixth issue, and finally the story is going somewhere. Each issue so far has been fun, a one-issue adventure of each Doctor, exhibiting their individual personalities in a sort of ‘monster of the week’ format, only as an aside one or more companions were kidnapped by some as yet unidentified enemy. We have seen a nice blend of new and old elements, with an earlier Doctor facing the rhino-headed Judoon, and recently the sixth Doctor and Peri alongside the shape-changing Frobisher, a companion only ever seen in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine. With an implied meeting of the first eleven Doctors at its conclusion, it seems an perfect way to honour the independently-spirited wanderer of the time stream.

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