Dog Headed Beauties: New Japanese Tourism Video Is Insane and Awesome

The greatest thing about the web right now is the simple fact that it is an awful lot like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get. Some days everyone is mad over something or expressing pure outrage. Other times, you get videos like this one. What is this one, you ask? Well, it is sort of hard to put into words (even for those of us who put things into words for a living). It is a video put out by the Akita Inu Tourism board, who represent the northern Akita Prefecture (Odate, Kitaakita, Kosaka and Kamiokani) located in the Tohoku region of Japan. Obviously most well known for its famous Akita dog breed who is very popular among internet meme’ers (is that a word?) these days. So what is the video?

Well, I will let you watch it and then we will process it together for a bit.

So yeah, that happened. The MOFU MOFU?DOGS. For those wondering what that means, it means, and we quote:

Mofo Mofu is a state of fluffy softness and warmth, like the fur of an Akita dog. This state is so strong that people find themselves wanting to touch the fur.

Okay, fair enough, but to their credit, there is a feeling of contagious fun to the video. It is zany and funny and kooky and everything you would  hope for as a geek looking to travel abroad. From the board themselves:

The idol trio endorses not “Cool Japan”, but “Warm Japan”, which is represented by traditional local cuisine and products such as Kiritanpo rice skewers
and Magewappa lunch boxes, as well as numerous hot springs, offering the kind of human warmth that is unique to the region.
The title, “Waiting4U,” expresses the loyalty of Japanese Akita, as well as the local people patiently awaiting visitors from all over the world
just as the famous Hachiko waited for its owner. The song conveys the desire to see large numbers of tourists visiting Northern Akita.

Yes, it is a little weird, but that is half the draw here. It is hard not to fall slightly in love with the insanity of the Mofu Mofu akita dogs with human bodies singing about why you should visit their homeland. For even more fun check out this behind-the-scenes video and see how the magic happened. Sad to burst your bubble but yeah, there are no Akita people with human bodies in Akita. It is all Hollywood magic, as I am sure you knew but still felt obligated to tell you so your dreams are not crushed.

 So go visit, okay? Tell them ForeverGeek sent you!
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