Don't Let Your Old Games Gather Dust!

It happens to every gamer: video games eventually are left alone, only to serve as dust collectors. It’s not that those games lose value to the gamer; it’s just that after you finish a game, or it proves to be too difficult (or too boring, as the case may be), you tend to lose interest.


When this happens, the usual course of things is that games are left on the shelf, put in a box, or just left lying around.

But why allow this to happen if you can actually use those games for better purposes? Here are some practical things you can do with your old games.

Make money out of those old games!

The most obvious option is to sell your unused games. There is a huge market for used games, with sites such as offering decent prices for old games. Depending on the site, you can ship your game to them for free and receive cash as payment via various methods (check or PayPal, for example). The cash you receive also depends on the state and original price of the video game, of course.

You can also go to sites such as eBay to put your ols games up for sale, or even easier, ask your friends if they want to buy your games. I’ve gotten rid of a bunch of games this way, and it has proven effective and hassle-free.

Give your unused games as gifts to other gamers.


If you don’t want the “hassle” of haggling and selling and dealing with money, then why not simply give away your unused games? There are countless people who will love to have your games, even though they are second hand.

Again, you can ask your friends if anyone wants a free game (see how many replies you’ll get on Facebook if you do this). You can post your offer on your gaming forums.

You can even donate your games to charity. If there is a youth center near you that has an entertainment room, they will probably be grateful for your donation. Your local library may even accept your old games.

Use them to “gamer-fy” your kids.

If you’ve got kids and/or nephews/nieces, the chances are that you want them to grow up appreciating gaming. If your old games are appropriate for the age of the kids, don’t get rid of the games. Instead, use them as springboards to “gamer-fy” the kids. And yes, I think I invented a word again.


If some of your games are a tad too advanced or not appropriate for the age of the kids in the house, you may want to store them properly so that they can be used in the future.

Take them to a recycling center.

Last, if your old games don’t work or you just don’t want to find someone to give them away to, there is always the recycling center. While there are people who just don’t care and merely throw video games – discs, packaging, and all – into the trash bin, why not be a little more responsible and pay your recycling center a visit instead?

To make it worth your time, take stock of other things you are not using at home and take them in one trip to the recycling center. Consider it your good deed for the [INSERT TIME PERIOD HERE].

What do you do with your old games that you don’t use?

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