This week into it’s second issue, Doorways from IDW is a story of a failed TV show from George R.R. Martin.

Now, that may sound terribly unfair, but in the first issue the esteemed Mr Martin delivered a potted history of this story, derived from simply the first line of another story : – ‘There is a girl who goes between the worlds’.

This was for a pitch back in 1985, a TV show telling the tale of a girl fleeing previous captors from alternate Earth to alternate Earth. Of course, nowadays this is not a new idea, but back then this was pre-Exiles, even pre-Sliders (but of course we don’t mention Sliders). Of course it was hardly pre-Deathlok so in the world of comics this was not a new idea even then, but this was TV. Unless you count the dream sequence in Dallas an alternate reality then there was Star Trek: Mirror Mirror, and that was about it.

If the first two issues of the comic are anything to go by, then this is a series I would have loved to have seen.  If you read this series with a view of the potential series it could have been, then what so far seems just slightly above standard fare develops a cinematic quality that is not to be missed. Think Buffy a decade before she happened.

Maybe Mr Martin was simply before his time.

If this is a What-If title, as Mr Martin states, then I would love to see more of these. What other shows never even reached being abandoned on the cutting-room floor?

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