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The cover is but the first visual treat!

As much as I adore reading the many licensed properties that abound in the plethora of comics available today, I find I always approach adaptations with more than a little trepidation, if I ever give them my notice at all.

Yet as we at ForeverGeek celebrate all things Game Of Thrones related with the coming of the second season to our screens, I forced myself to sit down with the first six issues of the Dynamite series, and I confess, in this case, I am forced to eat my words.

In fact, I think I am in love. Comics-love, but love nonetheless.

Now I must make one thing clear, to my detriment I have never read the books. Thus the first introduction to the wonderful world of George R. R. Martin has been the television series, which I lapped up eagerly. Despite a slow start, I soon found myself drawn into the lives of the Starks and despising the callous acts of the Lannisters, and on opening the first issue of the adaptation I was immediately transported back to that very first episode. So much so that I was reminded just who the true antagonists of the piece are supposed to be, those weird dead ice things, not the machinations of power hungry men (who will no doubt sow the seeds of their own destruction anyway).

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In fact, thanks to a faulty memory, the dialogue appeared to be word for word what I recalled from the show. But then again, it would be, wouldn’t it? Yet rather than boring me, I found it gave me the opportunity to reflect on the story, reawakening those little nuances in the script that I may have missed the first time around.

Daniel Abraham has done a masterful job of choosing which section of speech or narration to include (or exclude), but what made the series for me is the beautiful art and colouring, by Tommy Patterson and Ivan Nunes respectively. Where I feared that endless panels of people stood around talking and not really doing a great deal would be tiresome, this duo bring every encounter to life, focusing one’s attention to the characters as the bright colours of the clothes in court contrast against the more drab medieval backgrounds. Patterson has created his own interpretation of many of the characters, not simply drawing the actors, but leaving little doubt in our minds as to who is being represented.

This series is truly a pleasure on the eye, owing a great deal to the new fashion of deconstructed storytelling. Let’s face it, there are multiple adaptations that would benefit from a six or twelve issue run or longer rather than being forced into four or even (shudder) one. The team at Dynamite have mastered that balance perfectly.

If, like me, you have never read the books but enjoy the show, then I highly recommend this. It will be a series that you will come back to time and again, both for that feeling of enchantment and for art that will simply draw you in to that other world (without the need for all the nasty smells that must abound there).

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