This Drossel nendoroid is one of the more recent nendoroids to be released and it contains quite a few more features than a standard nendoroid. If you’re not familiar with Drossel, she’s the main character of Disney’s “Fireball” series. Her full name is Drossel von Flugel and she’s the robot princess of a future world controlled by machines.

I’m sure a lot of people have noticed major similarities between Drossel and virtual pop idol Miku Hatsune, but it’s all probably a part of Disney’s plan to gain a larger presence in the Japanese market, and the fact that there’s now a nendoroid must mean that it’s working. The inclusion of some rather impressive accessories (for a nendoroid) will probably increase Disney’s Japanese fan base even further. I’ve taken a few pictures of Drossel with some of her special equipment below:

If you’ve seen the Fireball series, then you’ll recall one episode where Drossel installed a new hairstyle which actually turned out to be a jet pack. Well, they’ve decided to included that jet pack with this figure. Like in the show, the jet pack looks like some weird hairstyle, but with the press of a button the jet engines will spring out and you can fold out the wings. Unfortunately, Drossel doesn’t actually fly, but it’d be cool if she could.

The back of the jet pack has some nice flower decorations on the back along with Drossel’s family name “Flugel” in gray. There’s also some extremely small German writing (or so I assume) on the bottom which says “Vorslcht! Spitze Gegenstande machen die knie weich!” anyone care to translate?

Drossel also comes with this second headpiece. I thought it was kinda cute, but there doesn’t appear to be any buttons like on the jet pack.

My favourite part about this nendoroid would have to be the light-up eyes. Drossel’s head is hollow so the makers were able to place a battery and some lights inside. The switch to turn on the lights is on the back of the head, near the neck. In the Fireball series, when Drossel found out that she had nightvision installed in her eyes and tried them for the first time, they were extremely bright. I thought the creators of this nendoroid did a good job duplicating that; the eyes are a lot brighter than I would have expected. In the dark, Drossel’s eyes look about as bright as a cellphone’s display.

Overall, I’d say this is one of the best nendoroids out there. Although there are no interchangeable facial features (it’s a robot after all), I think the different “hairstyles” and the light-up eyes more than make up for that. It’s certainly more playable than other nendoroids which are meant more for display.

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