Dual Display Dilemma

I’ve got a bit of a dilemma that I’m hoping the ForeverGeek staff and readers can assist me with.

For the past 8 years or so, I’ve been running a 21″ CRT as my primary display. I’ve loved it from the day I brought it home and it’s served me well. Acquiring it was a milestone for me, almost on par with getting my dual G5 this time last year.

Now it’s time to retire the beast and move to LCD. I’ve considered getting a 20″ or 21″ display, as I like the resolution these sizes offer, but cost aside, I wouldn’t gain any more screen acreage than what I have now and that just doesn’t feel worth the $1K or so. Dell is set to release a 24″ LCD in just a few days, but even at 1920×1200, I’m not sure I want to pony up the $1199 (or whatever it comes to be with their awesome coupon deals) when I can get two 17″ or 19″ displays for half that and HAVE TWO DISPLAYS and 2560×1028 resolution!

Thus, my dilemma. Both 17″ and 19″ offer the same native resolution. Response time is important to me, so I don’t want anything more than 16ms. It must also support DVI and analog connections. Fortunately, this limits my choices in both sizes. The Samsung 172x is a great display, super fast, but lacks swivel and I don’t like the VESA mounting and lack of height adjustment. The Viewsonic VP171b is my favorite: faster yet, thin bezel and black. Dell has great deals almost daily on their line of flat-panels and if the timing is right, I can get the 1905FP for just a few bucks more than the Viewsonic. It’s significantly slower (violating my 16ms requirement), but does offer USB 2.0 ports.

Are those 2 extra inches really worth it? Two 17’s would fit much nicer on my desk and probably suit me just fine, but part of me, whether it’s ego or just that I’m used to 21″, wants two 19’s. Both monitors get great reviews, so I’m torn.

Two 17″ Viewsonics or two 19″ Dells?

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