We at ForeverGeek are huge fans of cupcakes – especially geeky cupcakes. And what is geekier (or nerdier, perhaps) than Dungeons and Dragons?

If you are looking for inspiration for your forays into the kitchen as a cupcake maker, there is no other place to look than Instructables, where there is a very comprehensive set of instructions on how to make Dungeons and Dragons cupcakes. ((Instructables)) These cupcakes do not rely on a specific cupcake recipe – the instructions actually leave the cupcake recipe all up to you. What will take some work is drawing figures from D&D (get someone to sketch for you if need be) and preparing and tracing the chocolate.

The final products are as seen below.


I don’t know about you, but these cupcakes look too good to touch and eat! Then again, if you make a huge batch and save some for “viewing purposes”, you’ll be okay.

If you are a real cupcake enthusiast – the kind that can actually bake cupcakes and design them – then you might also be interested in the Cupcake Contest that is running till the 19th of this month. All that you need to do is whip up a batch of your award-winning cupcakes and document each step. You need to upload photos or videos of the entire process in order to qualify. What’s at stake? An iPad2!

Me – I am content to look at these wonderful creations and maybe grab one or two for a snack.

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