Dyslexie: The Font for Dyslexics


Dyslexia is a condition that everyone knows about, but perhaps may not truly understand. Not having any personal with it, I probably do not know just how difficult having the condition, but I can just imagine! Dyslexia has been studied intensively, and programs have been tried and tested to help dyslexics deal with their situation.

A Dutch graphic artist is saying, though, that you do not need to have a Doctorate in Philosophy to come up with a practical solution to dyslexia. Christian Boer has designed a new font that is supposed to help dyslexics recognize letters properly.

Called Dyslexie, the font applies slight changes to certain letters in the alphabet. For example, the differences in the letter “b” and the letter “d” make it easier to distinguish between them. The “b” slightly leans forward, while the “d” leans backward. Some people also have problems distinguishing between the letter “j” and the letter “i”, so what Boer did was to make the former slightly askew.

So just how effective is Dyslexie in helping dyslexics with their issues? It seems that extensive study has not yet been done, but Boer does have evidence gathered by a grad student named Renske de Leeuw. The result of his study was that dyslexics made fewer mistakes when reading Dyslexie, as opposed to Arial. However, the font did not help with reading at a faster pace.

Other experts in the field do not seem to welcome Boer’s efforts, saying that dyslexia is a whole lot more than the “b” and the “d”. In spite of the fact that Boer was diagnosed with dyslexia as a kid, it seems that he needs a little more than his slightly altered font to help his case.

In any case, typophiles will certainly have something to say about Dyslexie, won’t they?


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