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E-learning Platform for Chords: Play Music from Video Games

Music is known to enhance the gameplay experience. It helps to establish tone and emotions in games — it can heighten adrenaline rushes during scary moments, create a sense of calm during mellow moments, or simply create a fun, catchy tune to listen to.

If you love video games and know how to play an instrument, something you might want to experiment with is playing the songs from your favorite video games! A surprisingly large number of video game tunes can be replicated. There are Youtube videos and websites that go over the chords of various songs.

Are you just learning how to play an instrument and are looking for songs that are good for beginner or immediate musicians? Keep the following songs in mind.

Music from Video Games

Super Mario Bros, Theme

This repetitive tune is well-known by almost all gamers. This tune was first heard in the 1985 version of Super Mario Bros and has turned into the theme song for all of the Super Mario Bros games. Remixes of this song have also appeared in other Nintendo games. The repetitive notes make it easy to learn how to play. 

Pokemon Red & Blue, Theme

While several of the tunes from Pokemon games are easy to learn, one of the most iconic tunes is the opening theme song from the 1996 Gameboy games, Pokemon Red and Blue. This tune has been remixed into other Pokemon games. Another iconic tune from Pokemon Red and Blue that is easy to play is the Lavender Town theme.

Legend of Zelda, Theme

Legend of Zelda is another game that has plenty of easy tunes, but perhaps the most recognizable and popular tune is the main theme song, also known as the Overworld Theme. This song first appeared as an 8-bit track in the 1986 Legend of Zelda but is used as the main theme in almost every game in the series.

Tetris, Theme

Another catchy tune that gamers will be familiar with is the Tetris theme. First released in 1984, Tetris has been remastered many times since for multiple platforms. While there are different variations of the song, the repetitive nature makes it easy to learn. Remixes have also appeared in other games. Interestingly enough, this tune dates back to 1861.

Kingdom Hearts, Dearly Beloved

Dearly Beloved is the main theme song of all the Kingdom Hearts games. The original version of this song was composed on piano, but there is also an orchestrated version. This slow, relaxing song takes a bit of practice to learn, but there are beginner to advanced chord progressions that make this piece ideal for musicians of all levels.

Skyrim, Dragonborn

The Dragonborn theme, which appears in the Skyrim games, might seem a bit daunting for beginning musicians. However, once the chanting and intermission parts of the song are removed, the chords for the main part of the song are rather simple. Skyrim was first released in 2011, but it has been remastered with upgrades for different platforms several times.

The Last of Us, Theme

The soundtrack from The Last of Us is often compared to cinematic music. Those that want to learn the songs featured in the game should start with the theme. This piece of music was the first track that developers received. Musical covers of this song remain popular and musicians of all levels should be able to find appropriate chords.

Final Fantasy XV, Somnus

Beginner musicians that want to play a song from the Final Fantasy series should consider Somnus, the theme song for Final Fantasy XV. Various instrumental covers of this song have been released, including easy versions for beginners. It is possible to find other instrumental covers of songs from the Final Fantasy series, though some are more simple than others.

Silent Hill 2, Promise

Those that are looking to learn music from the Silent Hill franchise should start with the song Promise, which appears in the ending credits during Silent Hill 2. Repetitive chords make this song one of the easier ones to learn, plus there are covers meant specifically for beginners. The Silent Hill video games revolutionized the survival horror genre of video games.

Final thoughts

If you have a favorite song from a video game that you want to play, look around to see if chords are available! The tunes and songs mentioned above are just some of the ones often recommended to beginners, but there are more out there. Be sure to ask other musicians what music they recommend — you’ll get plenty of advice!

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