EA warns Sony to take action with the PSP

It seems that this hasn’t been one of Sony’s best years, with blogs and customers everywhere pointing guns at their flaws or the misunderstood (or simply odd) advertisement tactics. With shops in the US dropping the distribution of UMD movies and UMD/PSP sales falling further and further behind the Nintendo DS’ sales the only thing left to hit Sony with is an actual threat from a developer company.

Top EA executive David Gardner speaks:

â??Thereâ??s no doubt that EA has historically bet more on PSP. I think we were excited by the technology, but the consumers have proven that actually what they want is fun. We must never forget that what we need to focus on is fun and so EA is putting more effort behind DS games â?? and creative ones that really take advantage of the hardware.â?

Will Sony get it’s act together and start bringing out better titles or a redesigned version of it, or will it simply fall further back in sale numbers until it reaches the same fate as the Dreamcast. As much as I’d regret if the later happened, I’d still be happy that I have a portable console that can play emulated games of pretty much every console older than the 32bit generation.

Will Sony’s pre-announced PS1 emulator save the day for the PSP? Only time will tell.

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